The complexion you’ve always coveted will be well within reach

Everyone wants it, but not many people are lucky enough to have — or know how to get — clear skin. We’re talking the type of next-level, no makeup or filter required, flawless complexion that dreams are made of. And while it may seem unattainable, especially if you’re dealing with breakouts and blemishes, clear skin is possible. Check out this expert advice for zapping zits — plus the spots and scars that can follow — and the complexion you’ve always coveted will be well within reach.
File this piece of advice under, “how to get clear skin.” When it comes to figuring out why your skin is acting up in the first place, think beyond the surface.

“It’s important to look at acne and breakouts in a more global sense,” explains Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. “It’s not just about throwing some cream on a pimple. Examine your lifestyle to figure out what’s causing these pimples in the first place.” Factors like diet and how much you’re sleeping can all play a role, but the¬†numero uno¬†culprit behind most complexion concerns is stress. Stress hormones, namely cortisol, trigger excessive inflammation, which can both exacerbate existing breakouts and trigger new ones, says Gohara. Obviously, nixing stress entirely isn’t humanely possible, but, whenever you can, try to chill the eff out. Trust us, your skin — and your mind — will thank you.
This reusable microfiber pad is an Internet sensation, but I was admittedly a bit skeptical… was it really going to remove all my makeup, with just water alone? Yep, it’s true. Made with ultra-fine fibers (100 times finer than human hair) that trap and lift makeup, all you have to do is dampen the pad slightly and wipe. In seconds, even my most waterproof liner was completely gone, with no intense rubbing or scrubbing required. It’s also incredibly eco-friendly, since each pad can be washed and reused up to 200 times. Consider me impressed.