Skin Care Products Editors Swear

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t pinch pennies when it comes to skin care? That your face is one of your greatest investments? While these statements are based on good intentions, we’re here to tell you that price isn’t always the best indicator of a quality product. In fact, some of our most treasured skin care products come from the drugstore.

As beauty editors, we often get to try the crème de la crème of beauty products. There have been days we’ve thanked the heavens for the $600 luxury face cream that happens to fall into our eager hands. On the flipside, some of our favorite finds are the drugstore products that absolutely rock our world.

Read on as our editors share the drugstore cleansers, toners, creams, serums etc. that make a regular appearance in their skin care repertoire. These products will save you a pretty penny and make your skin just as clear, smooth and glowy than the more expensive guys. With all the money you’ll save, think of all the drugstore makeup you’ll be able to afford.

Being someone with combination skin, I’m always looking for products to sop up the oily spots without removing moisture from the dry ones. Soap & Glory just gets it right with their Soap and Clarity Facial Wash. First of all, the bottle is huge and lasts forever. It cleans my face perfectly, removes stubborn eye makeup and smooths my skin thanks to tiny, gentle scrubbing beads. The clean, minty, citrusy fragrance (reminiscent of a mojito) is inviting, and the gel feels tingly and refreshing on my skin — which is why I reach for it first thing in the morning as a pick-me-up. After repeated use, my skin is in perfect harmony — free from acne balanced with just the right amount of moisture.