Remove Waterproof Makeup Without Tearing Out Your Lashes

Switching to waterproof eye makeup come summa ‘ time clearly makes a whole lot of sense. Increased temps and humidity levels — not to mention days spent at the pool and beach — can majorly up the likelihood of makeup meltdown. And while swapping your standard mascara, shadow and liner for waterproof versions is a foolproof way to prevent streaks and smears, taking off these long-lasting formulas requires more than your standard wash-and-go M.O.

There’s no shortage of makeup removers out there, but the bummer is that many of them can be harsh on your skin and lashes, not to mention sting and burn. So I decided to try some of the latest and greatest makeup removers out there to see which ones were the most painless, mess-free and, of course, effective. (Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.) Read on for the nine I was super impressed by. You’re welcome.
I travel a TON, so I’m all about beauty products that I know a) won’t spill in my suitcase and b) won’t be snatched up by TSA. This convenient stick — a solid, balm-like formula — fits the bill. Made with sunflower oil and vitamin E, it’s delightfully hydrating and glides on smoothly. While the directions say that it will ultimately melt into a foam, in my experience, the consistency remained more oil-like; still, it removed all of my eye makeup and rinsed completely clean. Plus, the larger surface area of the stick made it ideal for using on the rest of my complexion, too. The top layer can get a bit gunky after a while, but that’s easily fixed by wiping it off with a tissue.